Hemp Protein FAQs

Does hemp protein contain any active ingredients or drugs?

No, absolutely not. Our hemp food products contain 0.00% THC. You can rest assured that the product we sell is 100% legal in North America and anywhere else that hemp food is permitted.

Do you use Hexane to remove the protein from hemp seeds?

One of the reasons we do not offer a protein powder higher than 53% is that we use a proprietary sifting method to create the protein powder. What this means is that we actually naturally sift out the large fibrous hulls from the seed and by doing this, we raise the total protein content to over 50%. This is a completely natural way of creating a protein powder and does not use any chemicals at all.

Will hemp protein powder give me the same distended stomach that I get when I eat soy protein?

No, it will not. Soy is high in oligosaccharides which is a sugar. Mixing proteins and sugars cause gas and bloating. If you want to maintain lean muscle mass by consuming large amounts of protein, using hemp will keep your stomach flat, as long as you don’t mix sugars in your smoothies but unlike soy, hemp protein has quite low carbohydrate levels.

Is hemp protein as good as any other protein?

Yes it is. In fact, because it comes from a vegetable source, and has very high digestibility, we feel it is actually better!

Is the hemp protein as good as soy or whey?

Absolutely! Actually much better. Soy has many issues including ingredients that inhibit protein absorption and other ingredients that cause flatulence. Whey protein has a higher percentage of overall protein but comes with many toxins which are absorbed by the cows. While New Zealand is one of the locations that are producing organic whey, it is 5 times the cost of the hemp protein so the hemp protein is a much better deal.