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Amazing product, the oil is light and delicious and perfect for frying EVERYTHING. Great tasting and high quality. The protein powder gives me energy for the entire day and makes me feel amazing. Recommend to anyone.

Chase P.
July 30 2017

Fast Delivery! Great Product! Happy to support the supplier! 5lb bag is Major Savings!

Michelle L.
June 09 2017

I love this protein powder, it helps fuel my growth and keeps my conscience clear knowing its vegan.

Robert F.
May 08 2017

I use this protein to replace beef, chicken, pork, fish in other words, all animal based foods!!! I love this hemp protein. Frank Styger

Frank S.
March 28 2017

good product and speed delivery

Rija R.
March 15 2017

I couldn't believe how good this stuff is for you, I completely back this product, its a part of my daily routine now,

Kevin P.
March 05 2017

I love the flavor and the versatility and it doesn't have a bunch of stuff it that you don't need. I am so glad to find a protein mix with no sweeteners, finally. I will recommend it to everyone.

Suzi K.
March 05 2017

Big fan of this stuff

Duncan H.
January 09 2017

Upon opening the bag, it's clear this is another quality product from chii hemp. Has a strong hemp flavor, but is easily covered up with cocoa powder in smoothies and sweets. We bought this for my mother-in-law who suffers from advanced encephalopathy and was just told to consume 80g+ of protein a day. Our only regret is that we did not buy more. Thanks !

Jill P.
January 06 2017

Excellent item. Promptly delivery to USA. Very pleased. It capsules very well too. I look forward to purchasing more of this item from you in the future. FYI: I have already shared samples with others and suspect they will be wanting to order their own soon. Kindest Regards and Happy New Year 2017 Karen

January 02 2017