Is Hemp Legal?

Absolutely YES. Every product we sell is completely and totally legal in Canada and the US. There is nothing about hemp that is illegal. There are no laws in the US or Canada that make possession of hemp illegal. This includes the sterilized seed, hemp seed oil, hemp seed flour, hemp seed cake, shelled hemp seeds, hemp hearts, hemp clothing, hemp fabrics, hemp fuel or any other product made from INDUSTRIAL HEMP.

While industrial hemp and the products made from it are legal, hemp’s cousin, marijuana is in fact illegal. There are many strains of hemp that produce little or no THC. There are also strains of Cannabis Sativa that produce high levels of THC. These strains would be considered Marijuana. There is nothing similar between marijuana and hemp. They may as well be different plants as they are grown differently, processed differently, are made from different parts of the plant and have grown so far apart genetically that they are, for all intents and purposes, completely different plants.

Will you test positive if you eat hemp?

The subject of drug tests have come up many times in the past and we are of two minds on the subject of positive results. Health Canada, which is the governmental body that regulates the hemp industry in Canada, states that we cannot sell a hemp oil product that contains more than 10 parts per million THC. Therefore the oil we sell we can guarantee contains less than 10 PPM THC. We actually test to levels of 4 PPM to be sure that we do not sell products with measurable levels of THC and our oil has consistently tested with non-detectable levels at 4 PPM.

For arguments sake, we’ll say that the oil you ingest has a THC level of 1 PPM THC (though the actual levels are probably a lot lower). It would then become something probably around the 1 part per billion in your body (we presume). If the level of accuracy of the drug test allows for concentrations in the parts per trillion range, you might test positive, though you could have picked up that kind of concentration touching someone’s hand that had traces of THC and then putting your fingers in your mouth.

We then cannot guarantee that if your drug test is able to detect levels in the parts per trillion that you would not test positive because we only guarantee that our oil is less than 10 PPM. Do we think this is possible, yes we do, it is possible to detect parts per trillion THC in blood. Do we think this is likely, no we don’t, but it is up to you to decide.

We have heard that NY police have been told not to eat poppy seed bagels because it is causing false positives for opiates in drug tests. We don’t know if this is true or not, but if there are such severe, draconian testing where you work, we do not recommend that you consume hemp products and risk losing your job. Someone has emailed in and mentioned that the US Air Force does ban consuming hemp food products and poppy seeds by military due to the “possibility” of a false positive drug test.

We would recommend not risking your career over eating hemp. While it is good for you, it is still frowned upon by the US establishment and there is a chance you would test positive, while remote.

On another note, we have done tests with an old distributor of ours who got his paralegal secretary to consume 3 pounds of hemp seeds and then go for a drug test. She tested negative for THC in her blood. Sometimes hemp oil tests higher than the hemp seed because it is a concentrated version of the seed but with our rigorous testing, we are confident that our oils have low enough percentages of THC as to not cause a false positive with respect to drug tests but we cannot guarantee this.

In the early ’90s someone was buying Chinese seed, exporting it to Brazil where they were pressing it for oil and then importing the oil into the US. This oil was notorious for false pee positives because it was 1200 to 1600 PPM THC. The Chinese seed was and still is poorly cleaned. Our Canadian seed is cleaned to 99.99% and cannot come off the field if it is more than 4 PPM THC or 0.00% THC.

During the high THC oil level days, that was when the idea of using eating hemp as an excuse to beat drug charges began. Because of this, the US Govt. initiated this Zero tolerance for THC in hemp and we settled for 0.00% which it is today.

So the long of the short of it is, no, probably not, but it is possible if the test you get administered tests to parts per trillion. We are not even sure if this is possible.