Hemp Protein Powder

The World’s Best Source of Protein

I love hemp protein. Seriously, I am not just saying that, We all love hemp seed protein. We eat it every day and I will tell you why. Have you ever eaten something that seems to give you endless energy and keeps you from feeling hungry all the way to the next meal, even if you have been physically exerting yourself at work or exercising? That magic food is hemp protein powder.

Ideal Protein to add to any diet

Are you someone who is looking for an alternative to whey proteins or to meat? As a vegan or vegetarian protein source, hemp protein powder is an ideal source of vegetable based proteins. Are you looking to find a protein supplement that is not the product of a chemical separation, something typically found in over the counter protein supplements? Trying to stay away from whey protein because of the bloating or digestive issues? Or are you just someone who wants to supplement their protein content and doesn’t want to eat more meat. Hemp seed protein powder is the ideal protein for everyone!

Hemp protein is a complete protein

The amino acid in hemp protein are complete. What this means is that you can eat hemp protein powder and get all the essential amino acids you need to benefit from a complete protein, just like meat or whey. The amino acids regarded as essential for humans are phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, methionine, leucine, lysine, and histidine and hemp contains all of those in significant enough quantities. Additionally, cysteine, tyrosine, and arginine are required by infants and growing children and again, hemp protein powder contains levels of these amino acids. To top off this ideal protein source, there are 18 amino acids in total, an additional 6 amino acids! Hemp protein powder also has a protein digestibility level of more than 90%! You are getting a complete protein and, most importantly, you are digesting it too! This is just simply the most important protein source available on the market today! Why you are not eating some right now?

Ok, you know we love the product, you know we eat it every day. You should also know that we feed it to my kids every day as well. We make cookies and breads with the hemp protein or hemp flour so that the kids can benefit from the proteins too. When I make a smoothie with the hemp protein and hulled hemp seeds, I usually make enough for them to have some too. I have to be careful though, if I want them to eat some, I have to make sure it looks appealing to them, they never let me forget the green smoothie I made with spirulina powder. I admit, it wasn’t great tasting either but the hemp protein in a regular smoothie with some hemp milk and some other seeds and nuts thrown in makes an excellent all protein. sugar-free smoothie and the kids do love them!

Our protein powder is gluten free!

So what else could be amazing about hemp protein? For those of you trying to avoid gluten in your diet and need a gluten free protein source, our hemp protein powder is gluten free. We test our protein powder for gluten using a test that ensures the protein powder is less than 20 parts per million gluten. Our hemp protein does not contain gluten at those levels so it is ideal for people with gluten or wheat allergies. It also makes an excellent flour though what you make will not rise, but it does make very hearty breads and crackers!

Excellent source of fibre too!

Saving the best for last, do you get enough fibre in your diet? I bet the answer is no, as most people don’t. North Americans, on average, consume less than 50% of the recommended daily intake of fibre. Kids eating a fast food and junk food diet might be getting as low as 20% of the recommend levels of fibre. This probably contributes to the obesity levels we are seeing in our youth and adult populations. Fibre in your diet is also essential, and though it is not promoted as an essential part of your diet, it should be. There are so many benefits to a high fibre diet, it is one of the very important things you can eat! A diet high in fibre is known to help with reducing cancer, heart disease and weight as well as improving gastrointestinal health, glucose tolerance and insulin response. So you see, fibre is essential and hemp protein powder is a great place to get it! Typically our minimum 50% protein powder contains a total of 18% fibre! Almost 20% of the product is fibre! Best part of it though is that out of that 18%, 17% of the fibre is insoluble which is the dietary fibre that is so hard to find since normally it is quite difficult to eat! Not in hemp protein powder though, it’s right in there with the proteins so you are getting the best of both worlds!

Hempseed Protein Powders R Us :)