Protein Shakes for Kids

For us it is easy, our kids love leafy green vegetables, salads, hemp oil and even tempeh. We can easily load them up with healthy foods without too much of a fuss, in fact they ask for it all the time. One of our favourite quick dinners is popcorn and hemp protein shakes. It has become so famous in the neighbourhood that the local kids often tell their own parents that they also want popcorn and protein shakes for dinner! Check our recipe section on how we make our hemp oil popcorn!

The main point here is that kids need good nourishment and sometimes it is difficult to get kids to eat things that are good for them. They simply don’t understand how important it is and when you present them with complex flavours in their food, it is pretty easy for them to turn their nose up at it and not get sufficient nutrients in their diet. Here is where the protein shake for kids comes in. We can hide literally anything in the protein shakes we make for our kids. Any one flavour can easily be hidden with another and things like a spinach protein shake for kids are easily masked when mixed with a large number of other ingredients.

Essential Amino Acids for Kids

While there are 9 essential amino acids for adults (Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Theronine, Tryptophan and Valine) there are 3 more that are considered essential for infants and growing children, those are cysteine, tyrosine and arginine all of which are contained in hemp proteins. This means when you feed your children hemp protein, they are getting a complete protein which significantly aids in their development and growth as well as provides them with good protein nutrition for their daily exercise.

We feel strongly that children benefit from a complete diet, it helps them think, it helps them develop and it helps them play. We feed our children a diet rich in everything they require and one of the most important items is hemp protein in the protein shakes we make for them. We hope you feel the same way!