Why Hemp Protein

It’s a complete protein and an easily digestible vegetable protein

A vegetable protein with all the essential amino acids, what more could you ask for. You know what that means right? Now you really don’t ever need to worry about not getting enough protein without eating meat and all you meat eaters can now actually give up eating meat without worrying about where you are going to get your protein! Why is hemp seed protein such a good choice? Simply because it is a perfect protein containing all of the essential amino acids which your body needs to ingest. On top of having all of the amino acids, hemp protein also is 90% digestible meaning that only 10% of the protein is passed out of the digestive tract without being digested. While this is not as high as egg, typically with a 97% digestion level, it is a lot higher than soy which typically comes in at 78% or lower. Meat and fish are around the 94% mark. Peanuts have a higher digestibility at around 95% but only 25% of the peanut is actually protein whereas the hemp protein powder is 50% or greater.

It is a seed, not a nut

Are you allergic to nuts? We speak from experience. I personally cannot eat peanuts, pistachios, walnuts and now it seems I have to add almonds to the list. While I have not had a severe reaction in years, it is quite clear I should stay away from those nuts. I have never had a problem with hemp seed. While we highly recommend you are cautious with eating any protein if you are deathly allergic to any nut or any protein for that matter, be careful, try it on your skin first to see if you have a reaction. Be very cautious but hemp seed might be a seed you can eat. Our hemp seed is processed in a facility that does not allow for any cross contamination, simply because at this point we do not process anything else. It is possible that something has gotten into the batches at the farm level but we do make every effort to keep that from happening. Ask your health care practitioner or your Allergist if you should try hemp seed.

It’s high in fibre

If the general diet got any more processed, we would be eating goo from packets. I read an article recently that since there is a push to increase fibre in the diet of the general public, food producers are increasing the fibre content in their pre-manufactured food items. This seems good, right? Well, it would be if they were using food fibre but since it is expensive, they use wood cellulose. Yes, you are reading this correctly. In order to decrease the fat content of foods (because the wood cellulose also absorbs water and mimics fats) and in order to increase the insoluble fibre in processed foods, large corporate food manufacturers have switched to wood cellulose as a solution. It costs a fraction of what adding food to your food would be so, in their eyes, why not? To us though, as humans, we are not built to digest wood, that is obvious, but more importantly we are not even meant to eat it so this cannot be a good idea.

With hemp protein, we are able to mechanically separate some of the insoluble fibre which results in the higher protein levels. We are not adding anything, just taking away. No chemicals are used in the separation process, it is a proprietary screening process but because it is mechanical, it is far from perfect and leaves a lot of the fibre still in the product, as much as 20% of protein powder is in fact, fibre. It is also the best kind of fibre, the insoluble kind, the very same they are using wood fibres for only the fibre in hemp protein is of an excellent quality. In our opinion, there is no better place to get fibre. There is simply no better fibre then hemp fibre.

It’s gluten free

Since there are very few products that are actually free of gluten, hemp is a pretty important one. Hemp seed itself is 100% gluten free but some other products can get into the batches at the farm, though we work hard to keep this from happening. Once we process the product, we test it for gluten and sell it as gluten free if it has less than 20 parts per million gluten. This should be low enough for anyone to tolerate as it is an absolute miniscule amount. If you are wondering what gluten levels are in our current batch, drop us a line, we would be happy to let you know!

It tastes Great!

What could be more important than taste. You are not going to eat something that tastes terrible unless you have to right? I agree. Personally I have never liked protein powders. They are not something you cozy up to on a cold winter night next to the fire but they do serve a purpose, especially if you need extra protein or are an athlete. In those situations, does it really matter what it tastes like? Probably not, but fortunately for us all, hemp actually tastes great. It is a lovely nutty flavour and does very well as an addition to baking, smoothies, desserts and anything else you can think of adding it to.

Give hemp protein a try, we are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do!